Promising name
An eco-garden sounds very beautiful, promising and especially very green. This can also make it sound like a time-consuming garden project, which can make it feel like an intimidating chore. Because anyone who has been blessed with a garden knows how much time it takes to maintain it, make it thrive and, above all, keep it weed-free.

What is an eco-garden?
Don’t let the name put you off. With the right approach, an eco-garden actually takes some work off your hands. This is because such a green garden works with nature, not against it. An ecological garden is a natural garden where natural processes serve as inspiration. All this to make the garden flourish and grow as well as possible, making it an ideal place for animals and insects.

Natural materials and processes
As a result, natural materials are used as much as possible. Concrete? You won’t find that there. Stone? Pebbles? Unnatural looking material? That does not belong there either. What you do see, however, are many natural, indigenous crops that flourish with little maintenance. This is because they are planted exactly where they belong. Artificial pesticides are therefore not needed, which makes it a lot better for the environment than using tropical plants.

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